Jagiellonian University as a Shareholder in an International Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe.

Acquire of shares by the Jagiellonian University

Jagiellonian University acquired shares in the International Facility for Antiproton and Ion in Europe.
Jagiellonian University was nominated by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for International Shareholder in the FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Reseach in Europe GmbH), which was established in order to build a new center dedicated to accelerator of physics research with antiprotons and ions. It is one of the most important research projects in the world. In the preparation of guidelines for the FAIR project was attended by 2500 scientists from 44 countries, including polish.
Polish Shareholder Jagiellonian University in Krakow holds 2.33 percent of the FAIR shares. The Republic of Poland under the Convention signed October 4, 2010, in Darmstadt declared its contribution to FAIR (FAIR GmbH) amount of 23.6 million.

Session on the occasion of aquisition of shares by the Jagielloniam University

The solemn session was held on the occasion of taking the role of the Shareholder in the FAIR GmbH by the Jagiellonian University in the Libraria Collegium Maius JU on May 17 th 2013. Guests were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Majka - Chairman of Polish Shareholder. Then spoke: Rector of the Jagiellonian University Prof. Dr.hab.med. Wojciech Nowak, Dr. Beatrix Vierkorn-Rudolph - Chair of FAIR Council (Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany). Dr. Jacek Gierliński - Polish Representative of Ministry of Science and Education read a letter on behalf of the Minister of Science and Education Prof. Dr. Barbara Kudrycka. Thereafter spoke Prof. Dr. Boris Sharkov - Chairman and Scientific Managing Director of FAIR GmbH, Prof. Dr. Günther Rosner - Managing Director Research and Administration of FAIR GmbH which unveiled the acual status of the FAIR. The closing speech was delivered by Prof. Dr. hab. Zbigniew Majka, which also on behalf of the Jagiellonian University thanked guests for participation in the session.



W dniach 18-19 maja 2016 w sali Bobrzyński w Collegium Maius odbyło się spotkanie AFC FAIR.
W spotkaniu wzięli udział przedstawiciele z 10 krajów partnerskich (Indie, Finlandia, Francja, Rosja, Niemcy, Polska, Rumunia, Słowenia, Szwecja, Wielka Brytania), a także członków zarządu spółki. Zostali przywitani przez Prof. Stanisława Kistryna - Prorektora Uj do spraw badań naukowych i funduszy strukturalnych. 

Documents of the National Consortium FEMTOPHYSICS

Purpose and justification to enter of Poland into FAIR GmbH

Agreement of establishing the National Consortium FEMTOPHYSICS

Polish cooperation in the international FAIR GmbH